QTIViewer has being renamed CCReader and released as opensource under the Apache 2 licence. The source code and a binary with installer are available from sourceforge.

CCReader is a IMS Common Cartridge Content Package and IMS QTI 1.2 question viewer which allows teachers to view the content of learning packages witout installing them on a VLE. CCReader is a Windows (98 or later) application, and also can run on Linux or OS-X computers using Wine or Crossover Office to provide Windows emulation. (The splash screen doesn't display, however  this is a very minor issue.)

The QTI item engine, Oghma-C, is written in standard C++ and so can be ported to other platforms. It has been tested (with some wrapper code) as a PHP module for Windows and Linux and s a .NET DLL for ASP.NET as well as as a static library for Visual C++. 

Future plans

  • Support for LEAP2a portfolio viewing 
  • Full support for QTI CC Profile assessments
  • Teacher and Learner modes, with learner mode able to save session data.
  • Support for LTI Basic (IMS Common Cartridge 1.1 update)

Download QTIViewer version 1.0 Public Preview

Download QTIViewer version 1.1 initial test version (Compiled for CETIS codebash 4, v1.1 is intended to have partial CommonCartridge support)