HTML Meta-Data Editor

Optimize your web site for search engines.

NB Software HTML Meta-Data Editor is an easy to use, professional quality meta-data editor with powerful features including templates that can be applied to multiple pages and user defined meta-data tags. A file browse window allows rapid navigation through the local copies of your web sites, and a web page preview window lets you see the page as it will appear in a web browser.


Tidy away all the shortcuts on your desktop

AppLaunch is a desktop utility that provides an alternative method of launching applications, documents and URLs, more convenient to use than Windows Start menu, and neater than having large numbers of desktop shortcuts. Each shortcut can optionally be associated with a hotkey combination.


Preview IMS Content Packages and QTI 1.2 questions.

QTIViewer supports most IMS Content Packaging version 1.1.4 and earlier content packages, and can be used by teachers to look at the material held within zipped content packages without having to load them onto a VLE. It also supports rendering and response processing of a subset of IMS QTI version 1.2 assessment items including all the most popular item types.